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KOK Staff 2023-2024


Michelle McGuire

Ms. Michelle has been at KOK for 21 years.  She is dedicated to making this preschool the best in town.  She believes in this KOK family and makes every effort to create an environment of love, understanding, comfort, and acceptance.  She loves the children and calls them ALL by name.  She has confidence in her staff and believes in their abilities to provide a wholesome, nurturing environment that will meet the needs of each child's spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth.

Administrative Assistant

Colleen Sager

Ms. Colleen's friendly personality welcomes each new family and makes everyone feel at home.  She always has a smile and is willing to help anywhere. One of her most important jobs is making sure the "smartie" jar is always full. 


Angie Shivers

This is Ms. Angie's 6th year teaching in the two's age level. Her playful personality brings joy to the classroom. She lovingly welcomes each lamb into her open arms offering lots of hugs and encouragement as these apprehensive young learners turn into confident two year olds.

Meli Lopez Picardo

Ms. Melisa is beginning her 4th year in the lamb class. She has a special gift of patience and tenderness that is perfect for our youngest children. Her loving arms and sweet personality are a blessing to her little lambs and their parents.


Paige Jackson 

This is Ms. Paige's 8th year in the two's age level. She is so easy going and fun to be with that these sometimes unsure two's quickly adjust finding comfort and love in her classroom. She is so patient and understanding with this young age. Being in a program that allows her to share her enthusiasm and love of Jesus brightens her day and brings joy to her life.

Heidi Beauregard

This will be Ms. Heidi's 2nd year at KOK. Her kind and caring personality brings smiles and meaningful interactions with her children and families.


Maria Juarez 

Beginning her 19th year at KOK, Ms. Maria’s enthusiasm is still going strong and felt in the KOK hallways. You can often hear her laughter and enjoyment as she sings with her class on their way to our enrichment classes. Her joyful spirit is contagious. There is always fun adventures and smiling faces in her classroom.

Katie Register
Ms. Katie is beginning her 4th year. She is very creative and enjoys working on crafts with the children. Katie is a lot of fun and very playful as she engages in silly songs and stories throughout the day.


Niki Kickel

 This is Ms. Niki's 7th year at KOK. All three of her children have attended our program, so she has seen firsthand how well our program prepares children for success in elementary school. Ms. Niki is excited to teach God's love to her class. Her fun loving spirit brings joy and ease to all children she teaches.

Katie Baker

This is Ms. Katie's 4th year at KOK. She has embraced the energetic three year olds with a positive attitude and lots of laughs. Her easy going personality is a great fit for this spirited age group. Katie loves the outdoors and gardening and loves to teach children about God's beautiful creations.


Jennifer Boyer

Ms. Jennifer’s helpful hand has been felt all over KOK for 17 years. Having worked in all ages, she has settled into the busy threes with ease. Ms. Jennifer always has a calm, steady approach to teaching. She plans activities that are age appropriate with a dimension of excitement in each activity.

Jade Nell

Ms. Jade is new to our staff here at KOK but has years of teaching experience from her home country of South Africa. She has a passion for letting children explore and be curious.  Jades' infectious energy will bring such joy to the bee class.


Denise Green

Ms. Denise will be completing her 7th year at KOK this school year. Her experience and dedication to early childhood is so valuable. Having taught many ages, she is firmly planted in providing quality experiences for these ever changing three year olds. She creates a fun, enriching, loving classroom for each child to grow and learn.

Tara Tuttle

Ms. Tara is now in her 3rd year at KOK. She has a passion for volunteering and working with children in both early childhood and elementary education. Ms. Tara's sweet, gentle personality provides comfort and warmth in the classroom. She enjoys helping children reach their potential through discovery and play.


Shawn Jones 

Ms. Shawn has been making a difference at KOK for 11 years. She loves teaching about God and building character in each child. Her creativity is abundant and decorates the walls in her class beautifully. She is sweet, sincere, and comforting to everyone she meets.

Ms. Erin
Ms. Erin will be completing her 5th year at KOK this school year.  Having taught many ages over her years at KOK, she has the ability to teach important readiness skills, while also instilling God’s love and understanding in our children.


Vicky Roberts 

Ms. Vicky has worked in children’s ministry for many years. She has been a chapel leader and music teacher for KOK. For 10 years now, she has been in the classroom sharing these passions as well as laying a fantastic foundation for future learning with each froggy family. She hopped right in to sharing God’s grace and unconditional love for His children.

Rachael Kelton
Ms. Rachel  has been here for 9 years teaching 2's, 3's, and now 4's. Her gentle, sweet, easy going personality has been a great fit in all classrooms. She enjoys spending small group time with her students helping them reach their potential and be proud of their accomplishments


Katie Najera
Although this is Ms. Katie's 3rd year at KOK, she has lots of experience teaching early childhood and elementary education. She does a great job of presenting lessons and materials in an age appropriate, organized manner that ignites curiosity in the students in her class. Her knowledge and understanding of elementary expectations allows her to teach her students the fundamentals of a solid foundation for continued learning.

Ansley Boatman

Ms. Ansley is in her 8th year at KOK.  She has worked in both our threes and fours classes, and is a joy to have on our 4-year-old team. Her quiet, peaceful personality brings a calmness to the often busy four year old classroom. She has a good rapport with students and parents creating meaningful partnerships.


Alicia Soltmann

Ms. Alicia has been a part of KOK for the past ten years.  She taught in our three's for a few years before taking on the challenge of music enrichment.  She has great understanding of all ages and easily adapts lessons accordingly.  Music and Movement is a child's language and each week she is making a joyful noise in each child's heart. 


Julie Kourvelas

This is Ms. Julies second year here at KOK.  Before coming to KOK she was an elementary School teacher.  The wonder and excitement with each new discovery is what brings her joy.  She really enjoys bringing her love of science mysteries to life each week.

Motor Movement

Shelley Wetzel

 Ms. Shelley has over 15 years experience working with children with and without special needs in a physical education setting.  She moved to Montgomery, Texas  from La Crosse, WI. She has been married for 15 years and has 3 children.  She loves exploring through movement and music and building the children's self-confidence through play.

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