Tuition and Fees 2021-2022

Registration Fee - $150 (non-refundable)

Supply Fees

2 day class - $125/year

3 day class - $175/year

4 day class - $225/year

Tuition is calculated on an annual amount that is divided into ten equal payments.  The initial payment is due on August 1st   and each subsequent payment is due the first day of each month, September through May. We offer a 10% sibling discount on the first sibling and 5% on additional siblings.

Toddler's (18 months by September 1st)

M/W                  9-2                    $275/month

T/Th                  9-2                    $285/month

Two's (2 yrs. old by September 1st)

M/W                  9-2                   $275/month

T/Th                  9-2                   $285/month

T/W/Th              9-2                   $385/month

Three's (3 yrs. old by September 1st)

T/W/Th              9-2                     $385/month

M/T/W/Th         9-2                     $485/month

Four's (4 yrs. old by September 1st)

T/W/Th              9-2                    $385/month

M/T/W/Th          9-2                    $485/month


KOK offers scholarships on an "as needed" basis.  Please contact the Director for more information.